Your Apartment Awaits

A good night’s sleep at The Hotel Chester will leave you ready to wake up energised, seize the day and explore all that Chester has to offer.


Surround yourself in tropical vibes at The Hotel Chester, Tropical is a lavish and extravagant apartment featuring a couples rain shower.

The Spa

The Spa apartment offers the ultimate in luxury and relaxation. Right in the heart of Chester, Enjoy the best night’s sleep in your super comfy Walker&Williams Burgess bed.


Cosy, warm and inviting, Rose lives up to its name, with crisp white linens, homely touches and classic design.

The Treehouse

Sit high among the trees with this stunning and fun family apartment. Built out of recycled wood, at one with nature and absolutely luxurious.


Inspired by one of the most beautiful creatures on earth, The horse. The Polo apartment is a beautiful mix of light greys and creams. The apartment is super luxurious and comfortable.


Ever fancied staying in an industrial apartment? This stunning medium apartment is an elegant mix of industrial rawness and warm, comfortable luxury.

Upgrade your Stay

The Hotel Chester Packages

Gold Romance

Surprise your loved one with candles placed around the bed, red rose petals on the bed and a luxury box of chocolates.


Enjoy an extra-long lay-in and extend your stay until 1 pm on the day of check-out.Giving you the opportunity to wake up feeling energised and ready to seize the day.


We believe family staycations just aren’t the same unless you bring the entire family, including the family pet. Most small breeds of furry friends are welcome.